Get Minimum 15-20+ New Client Appointments in the Next 30 Days - Guaranteed and Done-For-You!

ADS + FOLLOW UP + APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING INCLUDED (yes, you just show up and provide the treatments, that's it!)

- if you don't get the guaranteed results, we keep working with you for FREE until we reach the guarantee - 


Here's what you'll get:

We GUARANTEE minimum 15-20+ new spa clients / bookings per month (min. 15 for PMU services OR min. 20 for facials, massage, body contouring etc.)

Our team follows up with the leads and books the appointments for you - you just show up and provide the treatments, that's it!

Enjoy a (almost) 100% show up rate - we book the appointments for you with CC on file or a deposit! (Bye bye no shows and tire kickers!)

Our clients get a lot of high quality, REPEAT clients from our campaigns - and up to a 90% re-booking rate! Enjoy the recurring income from repeat clients for months and even years after your campaign is over!

Let's talk about my results...

 40 bookings (=$14,000) for microshading studio in just 7 weeks (Update: after 9 months, we got 270 clients, $94.5K for Glam Therapy!)

For Glam Therapy, I booked 40 appointments for their $350 microhading service in 7 weeks = $14,000.

Before working with me, they tried Facebook ads and Google ads and only got 4-5 microshading clients a month. However, with my method, I 5x-d the results!

Update: after 9 months, we got 270 new clients and $94.5K in revenue for Glam Therapy! 


 From 5 clients a week to 5 clients a DAY! How Lori got 80 new facial clients in just 1 month!

Lori (owner of The Esthetics Bar in Clayton, NC) is a solo esthetician. Before working with me, she had about 5 clients per week.

Once we started working together, she started getting 5 new clients a DAY! Her phone kept pinging all the time with new appts. (Yes, she couldn't believe it at first!) In total, she got 80 new clients for her $99 facial offer in a month! With the product sales to these new clients, she had a five-figure month!

Oh, and this was in July 2020 - when many businesses worry about how to fill their books with everything going on now.

What I love the most about her success story is that her business took a complete 180 turn in just a month! Now she feels fully confident about her business!


 How Maria got 75 new clients for her $370 microblading treatment in just 2 months (revenue from the campaign: $27,750 in 2 months)

Maria - owner of Camacho Beauty in Humble, TX - got 75 new clients for her microblading/powder brows treatment in just 2 months! (Revenue from the campaign: $27,750)

Before working with me, she used to run her own social media ads - and she didn't see much return on her investment.

So she was hesitant about investing again. But it's all about the HOW! With the right strategy, we were able to generate these amazing results for her - and we used the same channels.


From zero to $20K in 2 months - PMU & Lash studio success story

Nandi, owner of Carsons Vanity PMU and Lash Studio, went from $0 to $20K in just 2 months!

We advertised her PREMIUM PMU service: $399 microshading + $250 touch up – so that’s a $650 service in total!

Nandi got QUALITY clients + every booking was secured by a non-refundable DEPOSIT = 100% SHOW UP RATE.

Many clients referred their friends and family to her, they book other services and they are nice to work with in general.

 33 bookings, $9000 for new microblading studio in just 1 month

For KO Blade & Beauty, I generated 33 bookings for their $275 microblading service = $9000. In just 1 month! This is a new microblading studio. 

Before working with me, they had only 2-3 clients a month. Now they're booked out for 2 MONTHS!


 How Allyson DOUBLED her PMU business in a MONTH

Allyson, owner of Brows by Allyson, had a new PMU business in California (where competition is crazy) and since she wanted to start out strong, she hired us to get her booked out.

And that’s exactly what we did!

In just a MONTH, we helped her DOUBLE her business!

In her own words: ‘I wasn’t expecting that much so soon…this is incredible!’

She got 17 bookings in a month – all secured by a deposit to avoid cancellations and no shows.

Well, the only limit was her availability – now she’s ready to go full time in her business since she knows that it will support her financially.


 How Victoria got 65 new microblading clients and made $30K+ in just 11 weeks!

We generated 65 new client bookings for a premium ($400-$450 + touch up) microblading/shading treatment for Feather Touch Studio in Knoxville, TN. 


 Revive Beauty Solutions 45 new clients for Laser hair removal and Microneedling (90% re-booked or bought a package!)

For Revive Beauty Solutions in London, ON, Canada, we generated 37 new client bookings for laser hair removal and 8 for microneedling. What's even more amazing is that 90% of these people either re-booked or bought a package at FULL price!

Before workig with us, they tried deal sites, Google ads, social media ads...but nothing worked really well. Even though Seema, the owner of the spa, was skeptical about our program, she was fed up with not having enough clients and she took the leap - and she couldn't be happier. In her words: "Nora, you're the best and I tell this to everyone!"


 How Jill got 52 facial clients in 1 month for her $99 facial 

We generated 52 new client bookings for the Facial therapy center in Sulphur Springs, TX, for their $99 facial treatment, in just 1 month.  

The owner, Jill, is a solo esthetician so she loved the fact that we booked the appointments for her, so all she had to to was providing the treatment.  


 From zero to 60 new body contouring clients in 3 months - for Vo Signature Spa

Last November, Latoya (owner of Vo Signature Spa) reached out to me and signed up to my marketing program.

Her spa wasn’t even open back then – but she wanted to get ready for her grand opening.

After we launched her campaign, she got bookings right away.

Fast forward 3 months, we generated over 60 new client bookings for her (for a $99 body contouring treatment) – many of whom bought packages.

She’s FULLY booked for the next 7 days…

She’s moving to a new, bigger location…

She hired a team member to help her service the clients…

And she wants to bring on new team members as she’s expanding.

Not bad in only 3 months!


 How Demi doubled her revenue in 3.5 months - with our help - PMU success story

We started working with Demi (Lash Out Colorado) in December.

Then January was her busiest month – which is usually the slowest month for her.

Then we actually had to pause her campaign for a month – she just couldn’t keep up with the demand!

In 3.5 months, we generated 75 new clients for her for PMU services and lash extensions.

She hired 2 new team members…

…and she moved from her small room without any windows to a nice, bigger location (that definitely has windows!).

Oh, and she DOUBLED her revenue and now makes more than $10K per month!


 From failed marketing campaigns...to 70 new facial clients in 3 months for the Face Studio

Samantha - owner of the Face Studio - reached out to use after several failed marketing campaigns. She tried many different things, such as SEO, Google ads etc. but nothing seemed to work.

She heard about our program and decided to give it a try. Within a day of starting her campaign, she started getting bookings. In total, she got 70 new clients for facials and microblading in 3 months.


 How Claudia went from 2 facial appts per week to 30/week, has 50-75% rebooking rate and hired 3 other estheticians to join her team to help her keep up with demand

When we started working with Claudia - owner of Beauty and Skin by Claudia Flynn -, she was a solo esthetican working only part time and had 2-3 appts per week.

With our help, she got 20 new clients per month in the first month of working with us.

This was right after spas were allowed to reopen in NY after the lockdown in 2020.

Fast forward a bit over year, we’ve done 5 campaigns for Claudia and here are the results:

  • min. 20 new clients per month for $99 facial special (reg. rate $120, so minimal discount)
  • 50-75% re-booking rate!
  • most new clients buy at least 1 skincare product
  • many new clients refer their friends to her
  • she consistently has 30 bookings per week (her limit, she’s fully booked consistently)
  • And….she went from solo to a team of 4!


 From 10 appts/month to 100-120 appts per month - Facial & PMU studio success story

When Ariane, owner of Beauty Room by Ariane, started working with us, she had about 10 appointments or less a month in her skincare and PMU studio.

Quite understandably, 10 appts a month is nowhere near enough to make a living – or even just cover overhead.

So she actually felt like giving up on her business and was looking for work at a spa - when she heard about our marketing program from a friend of hers who was a happy client, so she decided to try our program.

In just a few short months, she now consistently gets 100-120 appointments per month – meaning she’s now booked out!

What’s even better is that these are not just new clients!

About 50% of new clients from our campaign become REPEAT clients – which is very important to build a profitable business.


 97 new med spa clients in 3 months (body contouring, skin tightening, laser hair removal)

Rubal, owner of Puress Spa in Brampton, ON, just opened her med spa when she contacted us, so she had pretty much zero clients.

In just 3 months, she got 97 new clients for various services, such as body contouring, skin tightening facial and laser hair removal.

What's great about these services is that clients need to buy a package to get the best results - so she sells many packages to these new clients.

Update: The biggest proof that she's happy? At the point of writing this, we've been working together for 2.5 years and results have been consistent (30-40 completed appts per month)!


 From wasting $6K with other agencies....to 40 bookings in 2 months, by working with me

Renee, owner of The Skin You're In Skincare Spa, tried SO many different marketing strategies before working with me. She worked with business coaches, another FB ads agency, took courses...with zero results. She took a leap of faith and signed up with me - and never looked back! She received 40 bookings in just 2 months of working with me! And her market is very competitive, with spa franchises advertising much cheaper 'new client specials' all the time.


 From 0 bookings to 36 bookings for $350 microblading service in just 1 month

Naida, owner of ND Advance Microblading in Lancaster, PA, went from 0 clients to getting 36 bookings for her $350 microblading service in just 1 month - by working with me. Before working with me, she tried posting on social media, FB ads and so on - but nothing worked. She was hesitant about the investment - but after she talked to one of my other clients, she knew my program was for real, and not a scam, so she was in!


  From 0 to 20 bookings / $10K in 1 month - working only part-time, for microblading artist in Canada

When Elena - owner of Lavish Beauty Bar - reached out to me, yes, she wanted more clients for her microblading studio – as she was coming back from maternity leave and didn’t have clients due to the break. However, being a new mom, for her, efficiency was even more important. So she loved the fact that we not only generate leads, but book the appointments for her and provide customer service as well. All she had to do was show up 2 days a week in her business – treat the 20 clients that we booked for her premium microblading service, during our first month working together – and make bank…$10K to be exact


 How Angie got 52 new facial clients in 2 months

Angie - owner of Skin Addictions in Mason, OH - got 52 new clients in just 2 months for her $99 facial.

What's even more amazing is that she sold an additional $5K in additional services and products AND many of these clients re-booked and referred new clients to her business!

She was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the clients she got from the campaign - she got amazing clients who wanted to take care of their skin on a regular basis, and not just have facials on special occassions.


 26 bookings for microblading service in just 5 weeks 

For Posh Brows Microblading, I generated 26 bookings for their microblading services in just 5 weeks. 


 60 new facial clients for solo esthetician in 3 months - with 80% of these new clients re-booking or buying packages! 

Amy - owner of Skinology Lakeland - got 60 new facial clients in 3 months.  

The facials that we promoted ranged from $80-$99. What's even better is that 80% of these new clients re-booked or bought Amy's acne bootcamp package! Just 2 package sales paid for the investment in my program!



 From hoping to get 5 new clients a month...to getting min. 20 new clients every month, 4 months in a row (part-time microblading artist)

When Cristina, owner of Hadley Brows, approached me, she was quite hesitant to invest in her business. She's a single mom and she was very careful about investing her hard-earned cash. However, when she heard about my guarantee, she was in.  

We've been working together for 4 months now, and she gets minimum 20 new clients every month for her $375 + touch up microblading service.  


 30 new microblading clients in 1 month for new microblading studio

Rachel - owner of Utamaro Tattoo in Calgary - got 30 microblading clients in just 1 month, by working with me.  

When she hired me, she was actually working with another marketing agency - and she was getting tons of leads.  

However, even after spending hours and hours on calling, messaging, following up with these leads, she got only about 5 bookings.  

She was tired of doing all the follow up with the leads - she wanted bookings, not time wasters - so she hired me because we take care of everything and just deliver the bookings.  

She was happy not only with the number of bookings that we generated (30 bookings in 1 month), but also with the fact that all she had to do was provide the treatment and that was it! No calls, no messaging, no follow up - after all, she's not a receptionist in her business, but the owner and artist!


 26 new clients for facial and body contouring treatments (in 1 month)

We generated 26 new client appointments for a facial and body contouring in just 1 month for Flawless Skin Lounge.

Before, they used to work with other marketing agencies, but they were frustrated with only getting leads and having to do all the follow up themselves - which didn't result in bookings most of the time, as the quality of the leads was bad


 20 bookings for premium facial in 1 month for skincare spa

For Skin Works Spa, I generated 20 bookings in 1 months for their $97 facial. I re-positioned their DermalInfusion facial as there was no brand awareness about this facial in this market, that's why people were not booking it. I created a new name and that's when it started selling. 

Update: we've been working with Jhoanna - owner of Skin works spa - since July 2019. She consistently gets between 20-40 new clients every month. She moved to a bigger locaton and hired new team members due to the growth of her business, thanks to our marketing program.


More proof...

What others have to say...

Let's see the potential income from my Facebook campaign...

How to fully book your spa with great quality spa customers - who can afford your services

From the Desk of Nora Kenyeres, digital marketing expert and award-winning spa owner

  • Why are some spas still struggling to attract clients – while others easily get 30-50+ new spa customers per month - and can’t even keep up with the demand? 
  • The ones who are stuck try just as hard – but they focus on the 'WRONG things' - ie. unpredictable forms of marketing, such as:

  • Posting on social media – only to receive 2 likes and a “Sounds amazing” comment… 
  • Advertising in local magazines or in gyms and doctor’s offices – where most people probably don’t even notice their ads, let alone take action… 
  • Building a fancy website – hoping and praying that someone will stumble upon it and call them to book… 
  • And when nothing works, even after investing 100’s or 1000’s of dollars in marketing – biting the bullet and doing a Groupon promo – despite the 50% commission.
  • But they don’t know a better way. 

They haven’t been shown a reliable system that attracts new clients ON DEMAND…

…and I’m NOT talking about cheap discount customers… …but GREAT QUALITY CLIENTS who are READY to book now… …and actually show up to their appointment… …and RE-BOOK frequently because going to the spa is part of their lifestyle, not just a bi-annual special treat. 

  Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to ‘window shoppers’, time wasters and prospects that ghost on you?  

What if you could grow your spa by 20+ new clients in the next 30 days?

I know what you might be thinking – “it sounds too good to be true….” I’m not surprised if you’re skeptical – there are many “marketing experts” out there who start an agency after a 1-day training course. 

However, I’ve been doing marketing for over 4 years – and sold over $1MILLION worth of services and products for my clients. And I’m a six-figure, award-winning spa owner – so unlike other marketers, I actually know this industry in-depth. 

  But don’t trust me – trust my clients and my results...  

Wouldn't it be nice to actually get new client bookings on demand, without lifting a finger?

Imagine how much time and space would open up in your life if you didn’t have to wonder where your next client would come from… Imagine checking “marketing” off your list…while your appointment book gets filled in the background, at the same time. 

That’s exactly what I do for my clients – in fact, I generated thousands of bookings and inquiries for my clients just in the past few months alone.

And I use highly targeted Facebook ads to do that - but this is not your average Facebook campaign and certainly not just a 'boosted post'. It's a client-getting system. 

With this system, you can:

  • get new client bookings on autopilot, GUARANTEED (NOT leads or sign ups!)
  • gain new clients PROFITABLYwithout huge new client discounts 
  • have our team follow up with the leads and book the appointments for you - you just show up to provide the treatment, that's it!
  • receive bookings from “serious clients” only, with CC on file or a deposit (no more ‘no show’s’!)
  • get area exclusivity: we work only with 1 business of the same kind per city
  •  get results fast, rather than waiting for weeks and months for “optimizing” your campaign  

Best part? You’ll get all of this WITHOUT lifting a finger! (aka done-for-You!)

And there’s more!

Our Risk Aversion Policy is One of The Best In The World

Minimum 15- 20+ New Client Bookings per Month GUARANTEED - depending on package chosen (15+ bookings for PMU campaigns OR 20+ for other campaigns, such as facials, body contouring etc.)

No Long Term Contracts - monthly package, cancel any time

No Hidden Costs (other agencies typically require an additional ad budget of $700-$900 per month on top of their fees - in our case, this is INCLUDED!)




From (depending on package):